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Crystals and Gemstones for Sale

These will be for sale at our Events,  Bring plenty of money with you !


Various Gemstone eggs with Haematite ring stand  £2.75 each



 Various size Haematite Rings  £1  each




 Various Gemstone Pendulums  £5.75 each



Various Heart shapes.  Large Amethyst £7.00..  Opalite £8.00.. Goldstone £5.00..  Rose Quarts £3.00.. 



 Gemstone  Doughnuts.   £3.98 each..



Various size shape Gemstone/Crystal Wands..  Goldstone £13.99..  Smoky Quartz £4.90..  Amethyst point £5.75..  Crystal point £11.50..  Rose Quartz  £5.45..  



Crystal Pendants.  Rose Quarts £5.99..  Crystal £6.99..



 Crystal/Gemstone Spheres various sizes, includes Haematite ring stand.  Rhodonite £4.50..  Rose Quartz £7.00..  Sodalite £8.99..  Goldstone £5.99..  Jasper £3.99..  Crystal £9.99..  Smokey Quartz  £14.99..  Amethyst £7.99..



 Standing Crystals/Oblisks..  Flourite £12.99..  Green Agate £12.99.. Rose Quartz £11.99..  



 Crystal/Gemstone Thumbstones..   Heamatite £3.99..  Crystal £2.99..  Goldstone £5.25..  Amethyst £4.99..  Blue Goldstone £4.99



Chakra Stones.  £4.30 each..


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