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Welcome to Spooky Times Ltd.  We are a company dedicated to the Investigation of the Paranormal/Ghost activity and other unexplained activity, in various locations.  We use a huge variety of equipment, and ask all of our guests to "get stuck in and use everything".  There are four of us running the company, Jill is our Psychic/Medium, Dave is the Technical guy, Helen is the Historian/Venue researcher, and myself Ken the Organiser.  We are a mixture of believers and skeptics. We have been carrying out Paranormal Investigations since 2005.

You will have the opportunity to join our experienced paranormal investigators on any one of our advertised events and work with us to gain an authentic experience of a Paranormal Investigation.

Spooky Times LTD was created by North Surrey Paranormal Group & Spooky Theatre merging together to create a unique Paranormal Events Service. Our friendly team are experienced and professional investigators who conduct investigations across the United Kingdom.

We can also offer our help to individuals that are experiencing unexplained activity at the home or workplace.


            Jill      Lives in Sunbury on Thames and has had an interest in the Paranormal from a young age after seeing the spirit of a previous tenant at a friend’s home. Jill then joined a continuing development circle for Mediums and Psychics in 2004 and has studied Parapsychology at college and gained an OCN certificate for this.

Jill is a Crime Scene Examiner in London for the Metropolitan Police and enjoys working in unusual environments, which compliments the paranormal investigations that SpookyTimes organise and attend.    


                 Helen    Lives in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, and Also works as a Nurse for the NHS and is CRB checked.  Helen is a “sceptic” and has also been interested in the paranormal for some time.  All of the history for the venue is researched by Helen prior to our visit.


Diploma in Parapsychology

Diploma in E.V.P (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)  



   Dave      Lives in Sunbury on Thames and is a skeptic. He is interested in finding evidence to prove/disprove paranormal activity in a location.

Dave is a Regional Manager for Ingersoll Rand and also helps out voluntary at a local computer shop. Dave joined SpookyTimes to work on the technical side of the investigations, maintaining and upgrading all programmes and video.   



    Ken   Lives In Berkeley, Gloucestershire.  Works as a Nurse for the NHS and is CRB checked.  Ken is “sensitive” and has been interested in “Paranormal Activity” for several years and has been on many organised events by well known companies.  Interested in the Investigation rather than profit.  Kens part in Spooky Times is mainly organisation, although does take part in Investigations.


Diploma in Paranormal Investigation

Diploma in E.V.P (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)




SpookyTimes Ltd was formed with the amalgamation of the North Surrey Paranormal Group and Spooky Theatre.  In the past Investigations have been undertaken at:-


    Warwick Castle – more planned in the future

    Chingle Hall the most Haunted House in the UK Possibly (Derby)

    Poole Cavern (Dorset)

    Horse and Jockey Pub (Warwickshire)

    Polsden Lacey (Bookham Surrey)

    Ham House (London)

    Graveyard in Wooton (Dorking Surrey)

    Old Inn (Chipstead Surrey)

    Bodmin Jail (Cornwall)

    Pevensey Courthouse (Sussex)

    Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire)

    Woodchester Mansion (Gloucestershire)

    Thames Court (Shepperton Surrey)

    Thorpe Park (Staines Surrey)

    Private House (Charlton Village Surrey)

    Private House (Farnham Surrey)

    Brookwood Cemetery (Woking Surrey)

    Kelvedon Hatch (Essex)

    Berkeley Castle (Gloucestershire)

    St Briavels Castle (Gloucestershire)

    The Skirrid Inn (Wales)


    Several of these locations have been investigated by us more than once. 



    Our equipment list is extensive and includes:- 


    Large screen TV and smaller Monitor screens

    2 Laptops dedicated to the company

    DVR recorder

    DVD Player

    Static IR cameras

    Mobile IR Cameras

    IR Floodlights

    IR Camera Lights 

    Digital voice recorders

    EVP Field Processor 

    IR Thermomiters

    EMF Monitors

    ELF Monitor 

    Dowsing Rods

    Crystal Pendulums

    Lazer Grid Light

    Trigger object monitor

    Beam barrier


    Night vision scopes

    Digital Cameras

    Also we are currently setting up a live video stream from events.










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