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Another Woodchester Orb ?

This one was caught on the camera we left running overnight in the cellar. The cellar had been closed since 5pm and no one had been down there. It starts from the left of the coffin and goes across to the right. It then drops straight down and out of the door, It appears to come out from the wall. Please comment on what you may think it is !

Posted by Risky on November 10, 2011 at 3:52 PM 1154 Views

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Reply Risky
7:14 PM on November 10, 2011 
Thank you for your comments. we welcome views from both sides. I at first thought dust but it seems to flow in too straight lines as dust bormally moves erratically. This is also the same with insects. Also this "object" appears to get darker while passing across the IR illuminator and insects tend to reflect the IR back as brighter rather than darket as they cross the illuminator (going through hours of footage many insects have been seen by us over the time) I cannot totally rule dust out but I would not normally see dust move in the way this has. I will be looking at this one a lot closer over the next few days though.
Reply Sky11
5:42 PM on November 10, 2011 
Normally, I'm not an orb person, but this does look interesting to me. Don't hate me, Trevor, but Insects can fly in sharp right angles (http://park.org/Canada/Museum/insects/flight/lepidoptera.html) Depending on air circulation,dust can fly in many directions. Usually, insects that look like orbs are bright b/c of the flash reflection and sometimes leave a trail. This has no flash---IR, right? The object is not completely round, so I'd go digging deeper for goodies if that were my cap. :)
Reply Risky
5:13 PM on November 10, 2011 
I have now put this one on slowed down 3 times on teh video page
Reply Risky
4:52 PM on November 10, 2011 
Thank you Trevor
I am interested in as many views as we can get on this one
The motion of this is an unusual one to what we normally see.
Also it really appears to come out of the wall at the start I am going to try and slow it right down as it is not very clear at the start
Reply Ken Jones
4:13 PM on November 10, 2011 
Thanks for your comments Trevor.
Reply trevor tye
4:09 PM on November 10, 2011 
yea thats an orb...good orb aswell. can rule out dust or insect cos they dont do right angle turns !