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We have found some interesting footage on the camcorder this has now been added on the videos page.

Investigation Report from our visit on  23/24 July 2011


This is a spreadsheet created from what people felt/experienced throughout the event.


This proved to be a very challenging event. We had a lot of problems with electrical equipment that is unexplained, There was a very good wireless internet connection all around the Fallstaff which we checked prior to going in, however as soon as the laptops were taken in the signal dropped to a very low unuseable signal. The first camera was set up in the loft area and the cable ran back to the hub and mysteriously no signal was recieved at the Digital recorder. The cable had been checked the week before the event and it was OK with minimal resistance and it has been checked on return and no fault has been found and it is functioning correctly. There was also a lot of battery drain on the camcorder and other apparatus draining suddenly for no reason. We also tried a wirless link back to the hub from the camcorder but as soon as it left the hub the signal was lost, we had tried this before the event and had a reasonable range on it. As you can see there were a lot of reports from our guests of hair and legs being touched in the stair area and the loft. There appeared to be a lot of activity in the loft and the K2 meter was very active while we were calling out. We had some very good feedback from the other guests at the event. We managed to get the livestream working at the very end due to the internet problem. This can be viewed by following this link Falstaff Livesream We would like to thank those of you who did log in and try to view it for us. We will be trying this again on our next event.


When I look up the History for  new venue the findings are kept from the rest of the group.  Only when a name or some relevant information is mentioned during the night it is then confirmed.

Always a prominent feature on Stratford's landscape, right in the heart of the town, the Shrieve's House and the awarding winning and haunted Shrieve's House barn (The Falstaff's Experience) date back to the 16th century, although a dwelling has stood on this spot since 1196.

The first known tenant of the building was William Shrieve, who was an archer to King Henry VIII. His name still survives today and in a house such high rank, it could be reasonably assumed he was an important figure in his day and may possibly have been a Sheriff of some sort, as his name suggests.

In the 16th century it was a tavern and the tavern keeper, William Rogers, is said to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare's famous comic character Falstaff. There is documented evidence that his family had strong connections with Shakespeare, as Shakespeare's daughter Suzannah was close friends with Elizabeth, the daughter of the Rogers.

In the 17th century, wounded soldiers were brought back to the building after the first battle of the English Civil War at Edgehill. Following the war, John Woolmer, tenant of the building was made the very first Mayor of Stratford.

Having survived two great fires, the plague and Civil War, the house has a lot of secrets to share including hidden priestholes, secret chambers and not forgetting the hauntings

There are a number of 'dominant' spirits said to be active in the property: an archer from the time of Henry VIII; a serial murderer from the 18th century; a little girl who was a pickpocket in the tavern; a Catholic gentleman from the time of the reformation and a justice of the peace who used his power to run an extortion ring with threats, violence and trumped up charges. There are also sightings of the parliamentary soldiers, children and animals. During certain times of year a dark hooded figure with red glowing eyes, who is said to be a very ancient spirit, stands back and watches.

Mediums have reported the following:

"To this day, I have not since returned inside Shrieves House barn, to revisit the Spirit energy that resides within and although very scary and frightening at the time, it was undoubtedly one very special encounter to remember." Medium, Derek Acorah

"The most haunted building in England" author Terry Deary

"A very scary place" Ian Lawman, Living with the Dead.

"One of the most haunted I have every visited".  Phillip Soloman, psychic to the stars.





In the shop as we started I had the image of a horse and carriage been driven by a young male in dirty clothes. The carriage had large barrels in the back I feel he was trading. I heard the name ‘Jack’

In the hallway before the first set of stairs I had a vision of London in the 1600 with people bringing things via the river and lots of trading and things used to be sold there. I could see a market and livestock. I had the feeling that there would have been prostitutes and I could see a lot of dirt and squalor. I also saw wood and a lady burning of this like a cross.  I felt that a male had been murdered here; I could see a man being kicked on the floor.

At the top of the stairs I felt two energies a young boy and a girl who died of an illness the aged between 5-8 years. I heard the name Katie. I could see them running around through the top of the museum playing chase. I know that people would have been touched by the children and may have had their hair pulled. The children are aware of another spirit in the building a tall large male with negative energy. I feel they are scared of him and they hide from him.

Also by the stair I felt a male had been hung. There was also another male on the stair area that was aggressive and angry.

In the loft area there was a male present who was a drunkard and he was abusive and verbally aggressive. He hated women and referred to a girl in our group as ‘a stupid bitch’. I could see he was unsteady on his felt aged 40-50 in filthy clothing in the 1600.

Later in the loft another male energy came thought but this was very dark and evil, I did not wish to connect with it at the time as I feel this could have been dangerous.

In the penny arcade by the coffin and scrying mirror I felt a male energy was there watching us and felt he wanted to grab my arm and pull me away but he was not dangerous.


We had 2 IR night vision cameras set up

The first was in the loft area.

The second was on the second floor in the centre of the building.

We also had 1handheld IR camcorder that we used.

Follow these links to see some orb footage from this.

Clip 1 Orb Across Coffin

Clip 2 Orb Flash at Door Frame

Clip 3 Probable Dust Orb

We are currently reviewing the video footage and will post anything we find on this page. There were a lot of moths and also dust orbs which are making the job of finding anything much harder.

We also had 2 EVP recorders running in various locations throughout the night and with us while we were having group vigals.

We have had a strange problem with one of these as it said it was full despite the fact it was not and there are a load of empty folders in it with no audio files in it. The other one which was used in several locations has disapeared in the last few minutes of the event. We have asked all present if they could look incase it has inadvertantly got knocked into a bag but no one has found it. The Falstaff have also checked three times and have not found it. We hope it will be found so we can share it with others if there is something on it.

Below are some photos taken on the night.

We have found an interesting orb in a photo taken at the staircase area take a look and see what you think and let us know.


These pictures were sent to us by Julie as there is definately something clear over Dan's ear. We are of different opinions as to what we can see but it is definately a strange one. Let us know what you can see !!!

The Spookytimes team would like to thank Julie for her input by sending these photos.



Go to the photos page to see other pictures from this event.

Click HERE to veiw them. 




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