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Extra footage now of a moth and a bat to the light anomaly page 
The page is now up showing the set up when we captured the light anomaly at Woodchester Mansion on the 30th October.
Please take a look at the Woodchester Anomaly page. 
We are sorry to have to do this, but it is our only way forward.

To secure your places for the already advertised events please pay your deposits.

We will be advertising and taking deposits at Woodchester Mansion for future events this weekend.

At previous events people have dropped out at the last minute, leaving us with a shortfall.

Only deposits will secure your place.

Thanks Ken & Crew.

We have now got a new DVR recorder which is HD capable so the video recordings should be of a better quality. It is also capable of recording 4 cameras at 25 frames per second on each so less frames will be dropped making a smoother video picture. It has better expansion capability than our previous one so guests will have a clearer picture on the repeat monitor and with an extra expansion pack that has been ordered it will be possible to stream what the DVR is recording over our live stream.
This will be used at Margam Castle for the first time this weekend.
A good night at Margam Castle, we are busy going through the tapes from The Skirrid Inn and Margam now.  With those and getting ready for the weekend at Woodchester Mansion we are really busy, and apologise for the delay getting the report out.
Our Latest Testimonial
Quotes Hi Ken and the Spooky times crew, Me and Xavier had been on many paranormal investigations before and we feel that you and the crew were the most down-to-earth bunch we've come across, we liked the fact that we got to use a whole array of equipment and it was nice the group was a good size, not too big or small. There was good participation by all at the Falstaffs and we got some good responses to our investigation. Loved the live feed, never seen that before on an investigation. Would definately recommend to friends and come again. Was most impressed with the value for money and the ethos to not ripping people off!!!!!! See you all soon and thanks again Quotes
Tina J.
Falstaffs Experience




The livestream from the Ram Inn was OK for the first hour but unfortunately there was a heavy downpour at 11pm and the wireless receiver got wet and stopped functioning. Thank you to the people that did view this and the feedback that they gave. It seems that when it was working it was good so we will continue to keep trying to improve this.


 Here is the link for it.

Spookytimes LTD Livestream



The Falstaff Experience 23/7/2011



We will be posting the report from this investigation by

6th August 2011, Please visit back later and see the report.


Hi Guys and Girls
I am going to try an run a livestream webcast from the Falstaff on Sat 23rd to Sun 24th July while the event is going on.

Please note this is a new addition I am trying and there will be a lot of chances of crashing / interferance as the night goes on.

There is also the reliability of the good old broadband letting us down, we have been reliabily informed a good broadband is availble at the site and we will in addition taking Bt,Vodafone and "3" mobile network dongles with us to hit the chance of best streaming.

However we cannot forsee if the location is a broadband dead spot but we will be trying our utmost to make this sucsessfull on all possible future events. For example I will be setting up on the way at Warwick to see what I can get from all the different dongles as the best possible bandwith for when we carry out that event.

Not to bore you all too much with the boring details by using different laptops and computers I should be able to link them to create the best possible connection available and have also purchased some outside aerials to help.

Not being anymore teckkie with for now but if anyone is intertested how my sad little mind is working here and wants to ask / make any suggestions they think would work please contact me on technicalspookytime@live.co.uk as I am always open to suggestions.

The plan is for any of you members that would hva liked to be there but could not for other commitments / finacial reasons (or plain just dont like us) :-(
Which I hope the latter is untrue !!! The opportunity will be there for you to get involved from the warmth of your homes.

As I have stated it is new and in beta version and the goodnews you do not need any special software to view this as it is all web based (unfortunatley the smartphone link is still in development so is not currently available but should be soon However I have been told it works on I pads.

Now for your help in this
Please go to this link


I plan to have cameras live by 00:00 then and you should be anle to watch
If the cameras are off line then a short intro video will be playing
This should shut off and go live as soon as we do

Please note there is a short advert that you have to watch before spookytimes starts streaming.

We would appreciate anyone willing to take a look at this at any time through the night and just send a little e mail to the address below to say 
1. About what time you were watching and how long
2. Did you spot anything
3. How smooth was the stream and how clear

Please send as much feed back as possible to


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