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The Ancient Ram Inn - Wotton under Edge


Investigation Report from our visit on 06/07 August 2011


This is a spreadsheet created from what people felt/experienced throughout the event.


The Ancient Ram Inn, an interesting night had by all.   We decided to do something a bit different and give everyone something to eat before we started the event.  After everyone was full we asked John the owner of the Ram to say a few words about the important areas of his home.  We then conducted a walk round with the lights on, highlighting the important areas to the guests (although not why they were important).  The night was quite active with a lot of activity on a newly acquired meter set on 5Hz magnetic activating slightly before the K2.  Most of the activity seemed to concentrate in the Witches room.  Some people felt very angry, sick, and one person felt as though they were being strangled.  We had three IR cameras set up, one in the Bar area, one in the Witches room and the third in the Bishops room. During the evening Ken picked up the name "Barry" on further investigation after we returned it was discovered that there was a "Berry" as a landlord in the 1500's at the Ram Inn unfortunately there is no further information on him.

The  Guests also used lots of our hand held equipment, including IR cameras, IR night sights, digital voice recorders, together with all of our other equipment.  I think it is fair to say that everyone enjoyed the night and that we are very much looking forward to our next visit to the Ancient Ram Inn.


The livestream worked for the first hour but the aerial had to be outside as for a strange reason no wireless / mobile waves could get into the barn where we had set the hub up. At around 11:30 there was a massive downpour and this took out the wireless link so the stream was lost. It is unexplained why the signals are not getting into the barn as it is full of holes and a good signal was received all around the outside when checked during the night.



Ley Lines Through the Ancient Ram Inn


Ley Lines run from the South of the Ram at Leys Farm through the Ram To St Marys Church up through Hetty Peglers Tump, onto Woodchester Mansion, then through Gloucester and Worcester Cathedrals which were formerly Monastery’s. Another ley line is said to converge on the Ram Inn, Wotton under Edge, from the east. On this alleged ley line sits Chavenage House.  This Elizabeth mansion has reported many famous hauntings over the centuries. I am now suggesting there are three Leylines Crossing through the Ancient Ram Inn, The Third Running from Lackock Abbey through the Ram then onto the Tyndale Monument at North Nibley running to the  Long stone in the Forest of Dean, said to be the central point of all Ley Lines.







This former pub in Wotton-under-Edge is built on the site of an old pagan burial site and lays claim to be the most haunted house in Britain.

With parts dating back to the 12th century The Ram has become a popular haunt for ghost-hunters and has been the scene of some truly hair-raising ghostly encounters, from drops in temperature to dancing lights and spectral shadows.

What is really scary is that most visitors feel the the spirits are unfriendly - the atmosphere has been described as brooding, oppressive, and even 'evil'.

Tales of devil worship, mysterious deaths and exorcisms have long been associated with The Ram.

Priests who have tried to rid the inn of its the spirits have reportedly been chased away by the malignant forces.

It has not one ghost but several - including a phantom cavalier, a witch, a man and a monk. There have also been sightings of a mysterious black cat.

One room called the Bishop's Room has the worst reputation. One night two men stayed there hoping to see some ghostly activity and they had such a bad night that they had to go and get a vicar to exorcise them.



As soon as I entered the Ram I felt very sick and as

though I had to be on guard.

In the Bar area I felt the energy of a young man aged

17-20 years old with a dirty appearance he was warning me

to be careful upstairs as there is a bad spirit up there.

At the same time I was able to see a small child, poor

appearance wearing a flat cap with a cheeky personality. I

felt that these spirits were here together. I also felt

that there was a name linked to these spirits beginning

with an L.

I also had the feeling that the bar area had changed to a

different date and that the building had no upstairs area.

In the Witches room I became aware of an older female

spirit standing behind the chair adjacent to the window. I

feel that she was not very pleasant and may have lived in

this building before and would punish people by being

spiteful especially to children.

I sat in the chair by the window and had a feeling of her

behind me putting her hands around my throat and trying to

strangle me.

I also saw a Priest, he was dressed all in black with a

white collar but I believe he was not a good spirit I feel

he was very dark and had an interest in witchcraft or

Devil worship.

In the Bishops room I did not really sense a great deal

all I could see was that a priest would also visit this


In the Attic I was sitting in the far end of the room on

the right at the top of the stairs, I was aware of my hair

being touched so much so that I decided to move seats. I

felt in the other side of the attic that there was a

inhuman energy it was laving low where the roof slanted. I

could see that it had human hands and a human head but

different eyes, mouth and feet it was like laying on  its

front with its hands and legs stretched out ready to


Returning to the Witches room I was aware of a young lady

standing by the end of the table she was wearing a long

shinny pale blue dress, she had long hair with it tided

back at the top with  flowers braided into it. I feel she

was a pagan and at one with the earth.


We had 3 IR night vision cameras set up

The first in the bar area

The second In the Bishops Room

The third In the Witches room

We also had 1 handheld IR camcorders that we used.

We have reviewed the video footage and some interesting footage was captured on the camera in the Witches room and on the handheld camera. Some interesting orbs were seen around the bedside cabinet and also around a guest on the bed adjacent to the cupboard, This was at the same time the meter was going crazy and someone felt aggressive towards females and also another female guest felt she was being strangled. Then later on in the same room a bright orb appeared over the bed for a very short period, No one was in the room at the time and the door was shut, The room had also been empty for quite a while.

The handheld camera also yielded some footage showing activity in the witches room.

Follow this link to see some footage from

Orbs around cupboard in Wifches Room.

The bright orb on the bed.

Clip of K2 meter responding to questions.

Camcorder footage.

We also had 2 EVP recorders running in various locations throughout the night and with us while we were having group vigals.

We have some sounds that we have picked up from the EVP recorders. Please go to the EVP's tab to listen to them or follow the links below.

TY calling out and a strange noise is heard.

A sound like a cat is heard.

A click is heard in response to calling if anyone there.

Below are some photos taken from the video captured from the night vision cameras.



Follow the link below to see the other photos taken on the night.

Ram Inn Gallery.

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