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I have created this page to try and make it as clear as possible to everyone as to the set up of the cameras and the location of everyone at the time the light started and as it progressed.

The anomaly was first spotted by Dave on the monitor screen in the hub. It was being watched by Helen and Ray as well. Dave asked Ray an Helen to go and see if they could see what it was while he carried on watching the monitor. Ray is the person you see at the end of the footage on Cam 1 that the anomaly shoots towards. Helen can be seen in the cellar corridor on Cam 2 at the end.

First is a plan of the cellar level showing where Camera 1 and Camera 2 were located.It also shows the location of Ken and the others and the route taken by the person that came down from the hub to check.


Second is a plan of the ground floor showing the location of Cam 3 and the hub. It also shows the route taken from the hub to the cellar.

The following footage from each of the cameras show what was happening on each one. The times are exactly the same on each.(Be patient as videos will take a while to load as I have left them in high quality for the best view)

Here is the video from Camera 1 located in the cellar room.

Here is the video from Camera 2 in the cellar hall.

Here is the video from Camera 3 in the hub.

Here is the video with Cam 2 & 3 inset into Cam 1 so you can see what was happening at the same time on each.



We have looked at previous investigation footage where we knew we had insects and moths and this does not compare in anyway. Some people including myself at the time thought it may have been a laser pen. This was the reason I sent someone to the room to investigate while the light was still there. He reported there was no one in the room and also Ken was in the room opposite and reported there was no laser pen there. When I went and looked there is a column in the room and it would not have been possible to cast a laser beam to where the light was seen at first as the column would be in the way. The light also changes in size and brightness again a laser would be a consistent size and brightness. However we are back at the mansion in January next year and we are going to re construct using a laser pen to see how it compares to what was seen this time. Others think it may be dust. If you look at the video on Cam 1 closely there are a few dust orbs that are seen floating. They are more transparent and move in a totally different manor. I personally have never seen a dust particle that has been this solid or bright and I am normally the first one in the team to rule an orb out as being dust. I have studied many hours of footage from all our investigations looking to see if there is anything after events and my opinion is that this is not dust. The other strange thing is that when Ray walks into the door the light shoots towards him. Why would this happen?

Next are 2 videos from the same room captured on the Saturday night.

The first is a moth and the second is a bat. Moths always reflect back white light, bats are more dense and they retain their black colour on the infra red. I have put the one of the bat on as the first one could be mistaken for a bat without the knowledge that they reflect back the dark colour.

This makes it more obvious that what was captured was not an insect.


Please go to the video page for Light Anomaly Woodchester Cellar and leave any comments on what you think.



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