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Woodchester Mansion


 Investigation Report from our visit on 26/27 February 2011


This is a spreadsheet created from what people felt/experienced throughout the event.

This was our second visit to Woodchester Mansion.

We were very keen to return after the orb that was captured on our first visit.

As you can see from above a few people felt they were being touched or having their hair pulled. 

We had 3 IR night vision cameras set up

The first was in the chapel (as this gave us the most activity on the first visit)

The second was in the cellar

The third was focused on the back door as there were reports of this slamming shut on its own. (we witnessed this on our first visit bit did not capture it)

We also had 2 handheld IR camcorders that we used while calling for spirits, and generally while the groups were walking about . One of them was also set static in the bathroom for a while.

We have reviewed the video footage and at present we have not seen anything that is unexplained. We will however continue to revue the footage and if we find anything we will post it on here at a later date.

Follow this link to see some footage from one of the vigals we carried out.

Woodchester Vigal

We also had 2 EVP recorders running in various locations throughout the night and with us while we were having group vigals.

At present we have not found anything clear on any of these recordings.

Below are some photos taken on the night.

The first photo shows clear fingerprints that appeared on a guests leg while in a vigil. She felt something touch her leg and when she came out there were these marks on it. No one was near her at the time.

The second has red and blue streaks on it this could possibly be a case of 'streaming ghost energy'. 

The next 3 show some orbs that were captured. On close examination it has been deemed that these are probably dust / moisture.






Here are other photos taken over the night.

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